About us

Dépanneur: n Dépanneur (from the French verb Dépanneur, meaning "to help out of difficulty" or "troubleshoot"; often shortened to "dep") is the name for convenience store, independently run corner shop, general store or deli, in the province of Quebec in Canada. We like to think of ourselves as a better bodega, hence our name Dépanneur, but we're not your typical corner store.

We strive to carry a collection of local, delicious, and innovative products from Brooklyn, NY state and around the world as well as sandwiches made with the highest quality ingredients sourced locally whenever possible and coffee beverages made with Toby's Estate beans and farm fresh milk.

Meet The Owners


Christopher Garrison

"I see the Dep as a gallery / incubator for the huge increase in local regional and boutique products that are now available. We have been so lucky to be able to work with and hire so many really interesting young entrepreneurs and crafts people, its always amazing to see where they go with their ideas and the ways in which that energy comes back to help us continue. We couldn’t be in a better place in some ways. I know it is popular to shit on the neighborhood for changing the way it has but some of that change has enabled a lot of really awesome people stick it out, we are happy to be apart of that even if I am not full-time one of them."


Ariane haack-garrison

"For me the Dep has been a really great opportunity, it has been fun, all the products we get to use, try and give to friends is a really great “multi-culture”. Getting to showcase all the people that brought products into the store was really surprising and exciting, even if sometimes it seemed directionless, in the confusion it was really unique. Garrison always said we should sell Velveeta cheese, I think at this point that might just work."


Nichelina mavros

"I cut my teeth on this place. Dep is like my first child the one I made all the mistakes on and love the most. I was a mere teenager when Relish opened. I sat in the corner booth in that diner car on Wythe Ave and that fifteen year old said, someday I'm going to live in this neighborhood and have a shop here.  It's hard to believe that  it was just Garrison and myself behind the counter for the first couple of weeks.  We've come a long way and have all of you (customers, employees, vendors and of course repair guys) to thank.  This community means everything to me and I'm so incredibly grateful to be part of it and put my little stake in the ground for as long as we can do it.

Shaun and I drunkenly conceived of the #4 right upstairs (Shaun adding the peppadew to his credit) and we fought over who would run down for all those early morning and late night "dep emergencies" when the grease trap exploded and the gate got stuck and all the fridges broke at once. Those beginning days were a lot of fun and a lot of hard work. My advice to anyone starting a business is to do something you care about, have fun with it, and when in doubt just add a peppadew."


Shaun gough

"I was born in Nova Scotia, Canada during a Nor’Easter. My favorite saying “no good deed goes unpunished.  Here's my upside down photo."

 - Needless to say Shaun is a man of few words.