For generations in the UK have been making fruit cordials as a way of preserving summer fruits to enjoy over the winter months. Belvoir's range of naturally delicious cordials are made using the same traditional methods. They contain masses of pressed fresh fruits, freshly-picked flowers and cooked spices so they taste deliciously real. They do not contain any artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives.


17 oz

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BLACKCURRANT & COX APPLE - With over half a pound of ripe English blackcurrants and the juice of three Cox’s apples in each bottle, this cordial has a full-bodied, intensely rich taste. It’s delicious simply mixed with still or sparkling mineral water, but also perfect added to chilled white wine.

ELDERFLOWER - Infusion of freshly picked elderflowers and lots of fresh lemon juice, this has a delicate taste and makes a wonderfully refreshing drink when mixed with still or sparkling mineral water or a hot toddy.

GINGER - Real ginger roots are cooked down to develop this spicy and piquant cordial which is perfect for cocktail recipes that could use an extra bite.

LIME & LEMONGRASS -The aromatic blend of freshly squeezed whole limes and a home-made extract of fresh lemongrass combine to deliver a wonderfully sharp, refreshing cordial. It makes a heavenly cocktail with vodka and soda or simply add sparkling water for a most original soft drink.

RASPBERRY & ROSE - Made from real pressed raspberry juice, with all its refreshing, fruity taste, laced with the heady aroma of fresh rose petal extract from Turkey. It’s wonderfully exotic, and best served either long with ice and sparkling or still water or by adding a few drops to a glass of Champagne.

SPICED WINTER BERRIES - A rich cordial made from real Elderberry, Orange and Blackberry juices mixed with winter spices – nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves which is wonderful as a warming winter toddy, mulled wine. or sparkling mineral water for a refreshingly different soft drink.