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Rancho Gordo - Hot Sauce


Steve Sando couldn't get over why a grocery store in California only offered one kind of tomato (grown in Holland!). So, he decided to grow his own.

His gardens in Napa have been transformed into test labs for rare herbs and legumes he finds on trips to Central America and Mexico – how lucky are we that we get to taste the fruit of his labor?


5 oz


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LA PALOMA Mild - Not everyone wants to glow all the time. Sometimes a person just wants the flavor of chiles without all the perspiration. Take a break from the heat and enjoy La Paloma on your eggs, in your bloody marys, in soup, a dab on a fresh oyster, salads or simply on chips. Made from super mild New Mexican chiles.

FELICIDAD CHIPOTLE - Felicidad is one of our newer hot sauces and if you're like us, you might just hit HIGH C after just one taste. The rich mix of pumpkin seeds and spices with the smoked chiles will almost make you think that we've added tomatoes, but it's all chile love that you're tasting. Our crafted sauce uses smoked chiles, not just a sauce with smoke flavor added. You can taste the difference and we'll bet it becomes one of your favorites. No table is complete without a bottle resting on it!

RIO FUEGO Very Hot - You've waited long enough. Our original hot sauce, Rio Fuego Very Hot Sauce, is back and ready to ship to you. All the memories will come flooding back as you enjoy the bold chile flavor tamed by ground pumpkin seeds and fruity vinegar. Rio Fuego is hot but not stupid hot. There are complex flavors and textures and it's a unique entry in the crowded world of hot sauces. Rio Fuego Very Hot Sauce is a lot like love. It can hurt, but you always come back for more!