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These pickles are hand-packed and all natural, made in season with produce from local farmers. They are distinguished by their exceptional quality, with an unusual array of varieties and flavor profiles.


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HANDY CORN - Sweet corn is one of summer's greatest pleasures. With this versatile condiment we call Handy Corn we've preserved that pleasure and enhanced it with the delicate heat of fresh aji dolce peppers. Handy Corn tastes great as a relish, a salsa, or with sharp cheddar on crackers or crostini.

HOTTIES - crinkle-cut spicy pickle chips with bold flavor notes of dried habanero and sriracha. Heat lovers are discovering that Hotties are an irresistible snack, and healthy eaters appreciate that Hotties are low sodium, gluten-free and contain no fat or cholesterol.

THE PEOPLES PICKLE - chunky, garlicky slice with hints of coriander and dill. Just try to have only one! Even better, The People's Pickle continues our emphasis on health and wellness: it is all-natural and LOW SODIUM.

SMORKA - Spanish smoked paprika gives our okra a deep, zesty flavor. With its vibrant taste and firm texture, Smokra is a knockout healthy snack and a great addition to an appetizer plate. Wrap Smokra in ham and halve it diagonally for a tasty treat, and use the brine for marinating brisket, tofu or pork! Smokra was featured in Oprah magazine in a Cubano sandwich.

RELISH - cucumbers sourced in season from a trusted New York State grower and make the relish in small batches with a recipe that has a perfect balance of savory and sweet. With Relish is gluten-free, has no fat, no cholesterol and most notably for the relishes, is low sodium.