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Founded in 2009, Remedy Quarterly is an independent food journal sharing the stories behind recipes alongside interviews with interesting and inspiring people in the food world, vintage tips & tidbits, and more.

Remedy believes that food brings people together. Everyone has a story to tell, and more often than not, food is involved. Remedy Quarterly gives people, whether professional food writers or top-notch grandmas, a place to share their stories and recipes.

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ISSUE 18 - When writer Jane Nelson learned she’d no longer be able to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, she set out to reimagine her favorite fresh dish, Summer Corn Salad, into one that she could enjoy, East Hampton Corn Pudding. Simona Carini shares a recipe for Fasula Batuta and introduces us to a California bean farmer who inspired her to begin cooking and appreciating fresh, dry beans. Anna Hezel shares a recipe for Grilled Doughnuts, an ingenious way to “freshen up” day old doughnuts passed down by her grandmother. That’s just a taste of the stories, recipes, and tips & tidbits inside.