The Hi-Pop


The week is finally over. Finally. I feel like I should give a toast or high-five a stranger or something. I don't know what it is about this time of year, but it seriously flies by and stresses me the fuck out. WIth Thanksgiving a few weeks away, and Christmas right after that, the overwhelming pressure from this season makes me go crazy, it's like dumping a truckload of fertilizer on a patch of wild weeds. And since it's Friday and all, and not that I ever really need an excuse to pop a bottle of bubbly, I'm celebrating what's left of my mental stability this week with a beautiful bubbly drink that is just so pretty that it might take my mind off of things. So here it is, The Hi-Pop. With a dash of bitters, a hibiscus flower soaked in floral syrup, and of course, some brut champagne, this potable is quite the Friday night treat.

The Hi-Pop


1-3 dashes of bitters
a shit ton of Brut Chamapagne


Place one pretty little flower at the bottom of an empty flute, top with champagne, add a dash or three of bitters and gently stir. Drink up buttercup.