Blueberry Bourbon and Ricotta Stuffed French Toast


The Jam Stand's Blueberry bourbon jam and ricotta stuffed French Toast  

Beyond ripping open presents that you probably don't really want and drinking a little too much spiked eggnog to cope, Christmas marks the time of year when you have to bite your lip and smile mindlessly at your extended kin. And we don't mean to presume that you don't like your family, we're just acknowledging that we understand that this constant exposure gets a little hard around the holidays. We also understand that this avoidance ritual is pretty easy to do if you have football to watch or a dog or nephew to play with, but that doesn't always last long. There always seems to come a time when you need to come up with something productive so you don't regress into your 15 year old bratty self.


So this year, instead of sitting around your living room with your perverted uncle who keeps asking about "that one friend", why not post up in the kitchen and make them something delicious. This blueberry bourbon and ricotta stuffed french toast will not only keep their mouths shut full, but it'll also give you mad credit in the food department. Try it out - it might even allow them to forget about that one incident from last year.



-1 loaf of Roberta's City White bread

-1 cup of Narragansett Ricotta

-1 tbsp of Blueberry Bourbon Jam by the Jam Stand

-2 Feather Ridge Farm Eggs

-2/3 cup Battenkill Valley Creamery Whole Milk

-1 tsp vanilla extract

-1/2 tsp cinnamon

-1 pinch nutmeg

-1/2 tbsp brown sugar

-2 tbsp Roberta's Butter

(optional - syrup & confectioners sugar)



1. Combine eggs, milk, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, and brown sugar in a wide, shallow bowl and whisk until batter is thoroughly combined. In a separate bowl, combine the blueberry jam and the ricotta and set aside.


2. Cut bread into 1/2 slices and soak in batter for about 30 seconds. Flip and repeat. Meanwhile, heat frying pan over medium and melt a pat of butter. Add the pieces of soaked bread and cook until golden brown on each side. Remove from stove.


3. Add a layer of the ricotta and blueberry mixture to one slice of french toast and then top with another piece of french toast so that it looks like a sandwich. Add a dallop of the blueberry ricotta mixture on top and serve with powdered sugar and syrup if desired. Devour.