Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles


European Gummy Candies


Since Halloween is right around the corner, we figured that we should feature some of our favorite gummy candies from around the world. These bagged delights are just as beautiful, tasty, and unique on the inside as they are on the outside of the package. So whether you're more of salty and spicy licorice-lover, or more of a fruity and tangy kind of person, then we've got you covered. Here's the lowdown on some of our favorite treats.

To begin, let's talk about Bassetts Jelly Babies!

  • Jelly Babies, originally called Peace Babies in an effort to end World War I, are sugary gelatinous baby figures that each have their own name and shape. They're sweet to the taste and feature delightful flavors from lime and blackcurrant. They were even said to be a favorite of George Harrison!
  • Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles, which are sugar-coated fruit flavored jelly disks, are absolutely irresistible! With flavors of lime, lemon, strawberry, orange, and blackcurrant, and made from real fruit juice, you just bite the big one and chew 'em!
  • Haribo Fruit Salad, which are also dusted in sugar, feature delicious flavors like grapefruit, passion fruit, cherry, lemon, lime, and orange. These funky-shaped gummy fruits are not overly sweet and not too sugary, so you won't feel guilty about consuming an entire bag (at least we didn't!). I guess you could say that they are sort of a healthy snack... sort of.
  • Katjes Kinder, known for it's cat-shaped appearance, is a hard black candy that is made from real licorice root extract. With a unique flavor isn't overpowering, these German candies are definitely pleasing to the taste buds. Though technically not a hard candy, whether you chew or suck on them is said to be personal preference; no matter what, method you choose - the taste will be memorable.
  • Katjes Katzen Pfötchen, which are similar to the aforementioned licorice, are made with a perfect blend of natural herbs and spices. These cat-paw-shaped chews are soft and spicy with the perfect balance of sweet and salty licorice flavor. An absolute must for a licorice lover.
  • Saure Johannisbeeren, a tart sugar coated chewy candy, has a ridiculously strong and sour redcurrant flavor. This sweet and sour combination is strange and a little bit overpowering at first but after you eat just one, they surprisingly become completely addicting!
  • Yogurt Gums, which are Katjes number one candy, have not changed their recipe since they were first made in 1971 - except for the elimination of unnatural extracts which happened way long ago. Made with a mixture of fruit concentrate and yogurt powder, the delicious flavors of these creamy delights are strawberry, cherry, raspberry, lemon,  pear and sometimes blueberry!