bloody devil


The Bloody Devil


It's Halloween weekend! You know what that means... booze, candy, and an excuse to dress up like a slut some dead celebrity (never too soon!). As for the the typical Halloween libation, you'll surely encounter some weird sherbert-y punch that's just one sugar cube short of giving you the worst hangover in your life - if you haven't already set yourself up for it. But your friends will definitely hate you if you do that. C'mon dude, seriously, they're better than that. This ain't no high school prom. (Unless it's some sort of zombie prom, then it's totally acceptable)

So why not treat them to something nice like this super special ghoulish cocktail - it's got CANDY INFUSED VODKA! Hot Tamales soaked overnight in grain alcohol turns whatever cheap vodka you use into something amazing. It's bright red and has notes of spicy cinnamon and finishes with semi-sweetness. Our tangy blood orange soda doesn't just work perfectly for this Halloween cocktail because of it's name, but because it evens out the bite from the candied liquor. So yeah, come get yourself some.


The Bloody Devil


1 part Blood Orange Soda
1 part of Hot Tamale Infused Vodka
(Drop 10 Hot Tamale Candies into a flask of vodka, shake, let sit overnight)
1 part seltzer
1 lemon wedge


Combine all ingredients over ice and finish with seltzer. Squeeze a wedge of lemon and stir.