OroLiquido's Marcona Almond Butter


OroLiquido's Marcona Almond Butter Photo: MacKenzie Smith

We're sure that you've all tried almond butter at some point, but I can guarantee you that this is completely different than anything you've ever tried before. Brittle Spanish almonds, which are roasted in olive oil and sea salt, are ground down to create an unbelievably textured spread that is both sweet and salty at the same time. Unlike traditional almond butter which can be sort of chalky and dry, this creamy spread is truly liquid gold.

Fancy up a regular old peanut butter and jelly by pairing OroLiquido's Almond Butter with some of our fancy preserves like our insane balsamic strawberry jam. Or add into cookie dough for an unusual twist on a classic favorite. Or, do as we do and eat it by the spoonful.