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Tarentaise Grilled Cheese


There's never a bad time to eat a grilled cheese, but I'd argue that autumn is an exceptionally good time. Why? There's something about the chilly air and dark evenings that inspires cravings for the ooey, gooey, and cheesy. And big, creamy bowls of tomato soup.


We did some delicious, pseudoscientific experimenting and found that our Tarentaise, a firm, grassy, and buttery cow's milk cheese, makes an awesome grilled cheese. It melts perfectly, while still maintaining its assertive flavor. We found that the cheese was best complimented with a little sweetness, which is why we like to add a layer of caramelized onions between the cheese and bread.


Here's a quick recipe for an oniony, buttery, cheesy grilled cheese.




Two slices of sour dough bread, Roberta's butter (softened), caramelized onions, Tarentaise cheese (sliced into thin slivers)


1. Butter the outside of two slices of sourdough.


2. Spread a layer of caramelized onions on one slice. On the other, layer as much cheese as your digestive system can handle.


3. Grill on a panini press, until outside is golden and cheese is super melty.


4. Slice in half, eat with tomato soup or whatever you want. Go jump in a pile of leaves.