Siggi's Icelandic Yogurt


Siggi's Icelandic Yogurt Siggi Hilmarsson started making skyr, an old school Icelandic style yogurt, in his tiny NYC apartment after missing one of his favorite childhood treats from his homeland in 2004. Since then, siggi's skyr has blown up in the yogurt industry as one of the tastiest, creamiest, rich, and surprisingly low sugar cultured products on the market. While being made in upstate New York with milk from local, grass-fed, and untainted cows, this brand not only uses real fruit but also refuses to use anything artificial(!). And as you can imagine, siggi's flavors are out of this world; from fresh orange with tiny bits of candied ginger, to the store's favorite - lush pineapple, this brand of Icelandic skyr is something you've got to try. But be weary, this stuff is just mildly addicting.