Imported Italian Riso Carnaroli


When you think of risotto rice, which I'm sure you so often do, you probably think of Arborio, the Italian short grain rice traditionally used to make risotto. But it is important not to forget aabout Carnaroli, Arborio's less popular, slightly alternative (yet equally delicious) brother. Carnaroli, medium-grained rice grown in Northern Italy, has a much higher starch content and delightfully firm texture. It stands up to hearty flavors and holds its texture well against the mushing forces of boiling stock.

Come pick up a package at the Dep today! Cooking instructions are on the back. They're actually quite simple: all you need is an onion, oil, some stock (veg, chicken, fish, whatever), a little white wine, a bit of good pecorino to grate on top, and some patience. It's a great base recipe to get creative with. This time of year, we like to roast up some mushrooms with rosemary, garlic, and sea salt and mix it in to the risotto at the end of cooking, with lots and lots of coarse chopped parsley.

Stop by and try some of our cheeses to grate into risotto. We recommend our Piave, Pecorino, and Parmigiano!

Buon appetito!