Dep Babes Team with City Harvest


Depanneur volunteers with City Harvest Last weekend, a few of us Dep babes did the unthinkable. We stayed in on a friday night. "What!?" You might be asking yourself as you remember that one time when you saw us all taking beer/shot combos at the levee while throwing cheese balls into each others mouths from across the bar. It's unusual, we know, but we didn't stay in without a reason, we actually went to bed early because come Saturday morning, all bright and early, the Dep babes did something good for the community. In the freezing cold, we handed out fresh vegetables to people who don't have access to affordable produce - all thanks to the wonderful organization City Harvest.


For over 30 years, this non-profit has been helping supply food to underserved communities throughout the different boroughs of New York City. This year alone, City Harvest will rescue and redistribute over 42 million pounds of fresh food - feeding over one million hungry New Yorkers. Their mission? To end hunger in communities by collecting excess food from various organizations and redistributing it to those in need.


If you would like to volunteer or donate to City Harvest, please visit their website or email them at volunteerservices@cityharvest.org and get involved. If we all helped, it would make a world of difference. So get out there, dudes!