Hibiscus Key Limeade


There's no fruit quite like the key lime. Similar to its larger more-known cousin, this tiny citrus bulb is moderately sour but is leveled out by a slightly sweet and almost sugary finish. Toby, one of our employees, the tall British one, said it best after taking his first taste "it's almost like a summer love" he said,  "tart with a bite but oh so, so, so sweet". Because of its sweet and sour properties, key limes are perfect for beverages. Add a little bit of hibiscus syrup to the juiced key limes and you've got yourself one hell of a limeade. And even though it's winter, this drink is tasty year round - especially when you bulk it up with a little vodka.

Hibiscus syrup and key lime limeade



  • 1 part key lime juice
  • 1 part simple syrup
  • 2 parts water
  • 1 splash of hibiscus syrup
  • Optional: sliced key limes for presentation



1. After you've juiced your key limes, combine all ingredients and stir.

2. Serve over ice with optional citrus slices. Add vodka or gin for the adult version.

-Tip: Disgard when the lime slices start to sink.