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Red Rock Blue and Roast Beef Grilled Cheese


Grilled Cheese Socials' red rock blue and roast beef grilled cheese recipe  

Our cheese case just got a few new delicious additions from the good ole' U S of A but we'll begin by introducing Red Rock Blue, an annatto imbued blue veined cheddar straight from Wisconsin. This tasty little pressed block of goodness is more creamy than the Dumbarton Blue (our other cheddar blue from Wisconsin) and is strikingly beautiful -- with a bright orange center and blue streaky veins throughout. This hand-spiked and pressed cheese is aged 3-6 months and is made by using pasteurized milk from one single herd of cows. It's fudgey texture not only makes it perfect for dessert cheese plates, but it also makes it a prime candidate for melting.

When Red Rock blue is melted over roast beef, roasted red peppers, and is sandwiched between some buttery sourdough, the flavor of this cheddar-blue is intensified to the max. Check out this recipe from Grilled Cheese Social to make one for yourself.