Sweet Deliverance NYC


sweet deliverance NYC  

Oh me oh meyer lemons! These little lemon and mandarin orange hybrids are in full bloom in the Spring but can last year round when preserved. So thank goodness for Sweet Deliverance NYC for canning these little bulbs of sour sunshine so we can enjoy them even in the depressing Winter months. The preserved wedges are excellent when sliced super thin, and laid over crostini, smoked ricotta, and shaved red onion. You can even bake them and the remaining juices right into a pound cake for a buttery-citrus loaf that everyone will fuss over. Use the syrup for mixing up exotic cocktails or as a main ingredient in vinaigrette. You can also chug it -no judgement passed - or use it as a chaser after a florally shot of gin... if you're into that sort of thing.