Coffee Update


Keep an eye out for an expanded offering of home brewing equipment and beans in our coffee department at Depanneur. We will be working with our long-term coffee roasters, Intelligentsia, to provide the equipment you need to brew high quality pour-over coffees yourself at home. Stop in to talk to Kymberly, our lead barista, about setting up your kitchen for your morning cup. We will also be working on expanding our whole bean offering to include seasonal single origin coffees for you to take home and test out on your new equipment.


The Great Gatsby Gift Basket


Escape the big city life with this West Egg inspired gift basket in honor of the Great Gatsby movie release. This exotic basket has been carefully curated by Depanneur's own Nichelina Mavros to stock you with everything you need to have the perfect picnic.


Inside you'll find: - Pink Peppercorns from the French Island of Reunion in the East Indies - Boat House French Pickled Plums - Morris Kitchen's Rhubarb Syrup - Peychaud's aromatic cocktail bitters - Mint Julep Sugar from Bourbon Barrel Foods - A mason jar full of Cerignola olives - A wedge of Brillat Savarin - Half a loaf of Bien Cuit Miche bread



New Sandwich: The Fitzgerald


To celebrate the release of the Great Gatsby movie, we've created a special sandwich to honor this Great American Novel. Julie Ryan, our house chef, has crafted a new East-End inspired sandwich which features plump, buttery grilled shrimp, caught fresh from the waters of Point Judith by our very favorite sustainable seafood gal, Gabe the Fish Babe. There's also a creamy layer of rich housemade cheese curd spiced with tarragon, juniper, and chili - while blistered, gin-soaked blueberries add a note of sweetness and pink peppercorns add a crunchy bite of spice to this decadent sandwich, served on Bien Cuit's Miche bread. $8.00




Valentine's Treats for your Sweet


valentines day carly planker  

Whether you're a serious monogamous lover or more of the booty call type player, we've got plenty of awesome V-day treats for your significant others, your friends with benefits, and your soul mate. We're even doing something super special this Valentine's day with Mast Brothers Chocolate. They generously donated a bunch of their amazing chocolate to our Valentine's Day charity event. We'll be making and selling goat cheese chocolate truffles and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Sandy Relief Funds. For two days only, the 13th and 14th, you can come in and buy our altruistic V-day treats. Not only do they taste good and make an awesome present, but buying them is like killing two birds with one stone. It's like, double giving in a way.


mast brothers chocolate and goat cheese truffles


We've also got a bunch of other treats from Butter + Love, The Good Batch, and Biscotti. Come in and check out our treats, we know we've got something for everyone!




Clawhammer CSA



Interested in a regular delivery of sustainable meat? By now most people are familiar with the CSA model for vegetables, but few meat CSAs exist. We’ve partnered with Clawhammer Farm to offer a simple, affordable meat CSA at The Dep.


The Scoop:

--The CSA operates quarterly, and the next quarter runs from Jan. 24 - April 18.

--Delivery is every other Thursday.

--Members can choose a pork share, beef share, and/or pork/beef combo share.

--Each delivery is 5lbs. total of meat, divided into different cuts (click here for an example list of what you might find in a share over a 14 week quarter).

--In addition to the basic share, you can add a chicken share (1/2 chicken each delivery) or an egg share (one dozen eggs each delivery), and order from our buyer's club at a 10% discount.


All of their animals are raised with common sense: humanely and antibiotic/hormone free. The beef is grassfed and the pigs' foraging is supplemented with corn and soy.

Ordering is done through Clawhammer's website. You pay upfront for each quarter and can add anything from the buyer's club as you go along.


Ask a Dep employee if you have any more questions!


The Ultimate Slider Party


I'm just gonna put it out there. I'm one of the few people who doesn't give a shit about football. And even though this sport doesn't make me excited in any manner whatsoever, I fucking LOVE the Super Bowl. I always spend the upcoming week dreaming about creamy dips, loaded nachos, warm crock pots full of bubbling goodness, and wrinkly hot dogs covered in ketchup, mustard, and relish. I'm getting giddy just thinking about it.  

Last year, my party consisted of a smorgasbord of dips, a million different types of chips, and ice cold Sixpoint beers. This year, I'm switching my game up and making my party extra fancy and Brooklyn-themed. Instead of making all of the food beforehand, I'm letting my guests demonstrate their creative by setting up the ultimate DIY slider bar. This way, my guests will have the ability to be creative and make their own mini concoctions. Below, you'll see my tips on how to make the ultimate burger spread and if you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I'll answer them before the big food game day!




Since this is the only thing you'll really be making yourself, it's your time to shine! Hit up The Meat Hook or Marlow & Daughters and grab some ground beef, chicken, pork, and/or fresh fish and grill them up into tiny little patties. The protein will shrink up as it grills so it's important to make your patties about a half inch wider than the buns, and super thin. I would recommend using a little bit of Maldon sea salt and Stuart & Co's spice rub for beef and pork burgers. It's the perfect all purpose seasoning and it really brings out that nice umami flavor.



This is how you transport the patties into hungry mouths. Be creative here! Small English muffins, tiny yeast rolls, mini bagels, buttery biscuits, or butter lettuce (for people who are watching their carbs…chumps) are all super fun and tasty ideas that make your guests feel like they have endless slider opportunities. And everyone wants endless slider opportunities. Duh.



Here's where we come in! Dude, we've got sooo much good stuff to make your spread even more dank. I'll name a few of my favorites - Empire Mayonnaise's black garlic - holy shit. Empire Mayo's bacon - it'll change your life. Empire Mayo's smoked paprika - add an over-easy quail egg and a little bit of this and you'll probably win the best sandwich award. Then there's First Field Ketchup that uses local Jersey tomatoes. And of course, Brooklyn's own Tin Mustard - the tiny mustard seeds burst in your mouth like caviar!



Just like any cheese plate, variety is key, so go with cheeses that come from different animals and have different textures. I suggest having some sliced manchego, a cheddar-blue such as Wisconsin's Red Rock, fresh lemony chevre, and if you want to get real American, some Kraft Singles.



The opportunities are endless. Seriously. I'll spout out a few but do your thing when it comes to this category. Shit, you could even clean out your fridge this way. McClure's pickles and relish, caramelized onions, avocado, Nueske's bacon, sliced tomato, arugula, chutney, basil, cilantro, apple, pineapple, grilled peaches, jam, peanut butter…yeah peanut butter! And potato chips, you've got to have McClure's spicy pickle chips or else your party will suck.



There's only one drink that I'm going to be serving this weekend and that's McClure's Bloody Mary's. I'm totally obsessed with the mix and I always use Absolut Peppar vodka and an over the top garnish with McClure's pickles, Brooklyn Brine chipotle carrots, celery stalks and if you're brave… top it with one of the sliders - just like this [one].





Last night, 12/12/12 during an urban guerilla marketing mission, a GABE THE FISH BABE employed "mermaid," as we call our sales team members, was arrested in Williamsburg for spreading the word of sustainable seafood. Apparently placing stickers and flyers around town is vandalism and punishable by a night in jail. The mission of GABE THE FISH BABE is to save communities, save ecosystems and save health by learning to prepare and cook sustainable, traceable seafood with a focus on the underutilized and abundant species of local commercial fisheries.  


GABE THE FISH BABE is a small Point Judith, Rhode Island based seafood company that sells to chefs and individuals. GABE THE FISH BABE also runs a Community Supported Fishery (CSF) in conjunction with Vertically Integrated Farms in Hunts Point, Bronx New York. The CSF is made possible through leveraging shipping costs of our home/store delivery based FISH CLUB. More information regarding FISH CLUB below. The mislabeling of species is rampant in NYC and people are starting to realize.



Gabe the Fish Babe and her sustainable seafood CSA


GABE THE FISH BABE is a small-scale sustainably focused fresh seafood company based in Point Judith, RI. The finest chef’s from New York City, Boston, Chicago and across the USA have been sourcing the environmentally and economically sustainable seafood options available from GABE THE FISH BABE, and now you can too. GABE THE FISH BABE’s balanced seasonal approach to the timely, on-site, dock based sourcing of underutilized, abundant and super fancy seafood means less waste and a shorter distance between the fisherman’s catch and your table.



As a FISH CLUB member you will enjoy:

- The finest and freshest sustainably caught seafood, from ocean to table.

- Recipes and education for cooking even the most unusual catch of the day.

- Actively support longer term fishing sustainability in Pt. Judith, RI

- Help communities in need: a small part of your shipping fee is leveraged

to help pay the delivery costs to local underserved communities.

Full Seafood Club Care Share: $40

Fish Only Club Care Share: $25 (no shellfish)

4 week, 8 week, perpetual membership and seafood dinner packages available:

Shellfish may include: littlenecks, topnecks, oysters, live crabs, scallops,mussels, steamers, squid, razor clams. For example: 20 clams or 12 oysters

Fin-fish may include: porgies, bluefish, black sea bass, dogfish, sea robin, bonita, flounder, blackfish, cod, monk, skate, sea trout, john dory, yellowtail flounder, winter flounder, fluke, striped bass, haddock, hake, ling, mackerel, whiting 18-22 ounces



Sign up for the FISH CLUB at gabethefishbabe.com


Contact Gabe if you have any questions!

Cell: 347-613-7548



Welcome to the Dép!



depanneur, brookly, nichelina mavros,artisinal, grocery
Photo: Morgan Ione Yeager

We're proud to call Brooklyn home, and if you haven't physically stepped into our neighborhood and experienced how awesome it is, then let us tell you a little about what we've got going on.


We like to think of ourselves as a glorified bodega, hence our name Dépanneur, which is a French-Canadian term for convenience store. But we're not your typical corner store. Instead of slanging mass produced potato chips and high fructose filled chocolate bars, we strive to carry a collection of the smartest, delicious, and most innovative products from Brooklyn and around the world. From Mast Brothers chocolate, which is made on our very own block, to Almdudler, an Austrian herbal lemonade whose overseas popularity matches that of coca cola, we try to keep a curated stock that glorifies all that is awesome in the amazing world of artisinal food.


Our new website and online shop are meant to be a hub for like-minded foodies to shop, read, share, and of course, indulge. That being said, we're super proud of all the products we carry and because we feel like we have a personal relationship with our goods (don't worry, no one is doing anything weird with the curry ketchup), we're sure that you'll enjoy them just as much as we do.


Things truly are better when they're made by people who care.


Wecome to the Dép.


Dép Visits Ovenly


The pastry counter at Ovenly in Greenpoint Started by Agatha Kulaga and Erin Patinkin, Ovenly has gone from being a wholesale bakery hotspot to a retail coffee shop and pastry kingdom. Their mission? Creating the perfect sweet, salty, and spicy treat for hungry Brooklyn babes.


A closeup of the pastry case at Ovenly in BrooklynHere at Dep, you can find their venerated bar snacks.



Spicy Bacon Caramel Corn - Benton's bacon meets organic popcorn meets Brooklyn Brewery Pennant Ale caramel. Holy shit. You've never had popcorn as good as this.Honey


Honey Almond Corn - Organic popcorn coated in a sweet local wildflower honey caramel and studded with roasted almonds.


Maple Thyme Pecans - Cayenne, black pepper, thyme, and local maple syrup are boiled into a sweet, salty, and mildly spicy syrup that coats roasted pecans.


Old Salties -  Peanuts tossed in bacon fat and then doused in Worcestershire sauce and old bay seasoning. A serious ball park favorite like you've never had.


Ovenly's bar snacks - honey almond corn, old salties, spicy bacon caramel corn

And with unique items like blue cheese and walnut scones and award-winning salty chocolate chip cookie, the chicks at Ovenly prove that they know how to combine uncommon ingredients to make some of the best sweet and savory pastries in the hood.


A blue cheese and walnut scone from Ovenly in Greenpoint, BrooklynTo see even more pictures of our ovenly trip, check out our album on [FACEBOOK].


Satur Farms Brussels Sprouts


These tiny cabbage-like buds from Satur Farms flourish in the nutrient-rich soil and cool climate of Long Island. Unlike the strong, bitter, and mustard-y variety that is so often found at grocery stores, these tightly wrapped heads are nutty, buttery, and mild. Toss them in an easy balsamic and red wine glaze and their natural hidden sweetness is enhanced. This simple recipe takes about ten minutes to make and is delicious when dusted with a fresh grating of nutty Piave or Parmigiano-Reggiano. Serve as a side dish or add into a tasty pasta dish.

Cavoletti di Bruxelles à la Nichelina 

How to make glazed Brussels sprouts with balsamic vinegar




1. Rinse brussels sprouts thoroughly, trim ends and slice sprouts lengthwise.

2. In a large pan add 3 tbsp of olive oil over medium-high heat and place brussels sprouts cut-side down. Allow to cook until browned and crisped; about 7-10 minutes. Add 2 tbsp of balsamic vinegar and toss until absorbed. Remove sprouts from heat.

3. Add remaining olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and red wine and scrape bits off bottom of the pan to deglaze. Turn heat to high and wait until liquid is reduced and coats the back of the pan. Add brussels sprouts back in the pan and toss to coat. Salt and pepper to taste and sprinkle with cheese if you prefer.



Ovenly Pies - Oh My!


A apple pie from Ovenly in Greenpoint BrooklynPlace your order at Dépanneur for a scrumptious Thanksgiving Ovenly pie by November 18th, for pick up on November 21st! We're offering Apple Cranberry Spice (rated "Top Pie for Thanksgiving" by Time Out New York), a sweet-tart creation featuring cranberries, local apples, and gooey caramelized brown sugar, and Pumpkin with Brandy-Soaked Dried Plums, a pie where sweet pumpkin is complimented by boozy dried plums, brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla paste, and cloves. Each pie is $35 and 9" in diameter. And duhhh, they're made with an all-butter crust. YUM!


Come Get Your Thanksgiving Sides



Thanksgiving is a day of many tasks, including (but not limited to) preparing a moist-on-the-inside-crisp-on-the-outside-bird, keeping certain relatives away from each other, cleaning the house, and cooking a wholleee lot of sides. Dépanneur wants reduce some of the stress that goes into preparing a Thanksgiving feast (and add some DELICOUS flavor), which is why we're whipping up scrumptious side dishes for you to pick up on the big day! Come to the Dép to reserve your sides in advance, at the delicious price of $8 a pint, $13 a quart, and $60 for five quarts! Then swing by on Thanksgiving (assign someone to babysit the turkey for a few minutes) to take them home. You're not gonna want to miss out on these super seasonal and satisfying prepared foods. If you want, you can even tell your guests you made them. Just pour the veggies into a pretty dish, heat up, and throw out the tupperware immediately.


Here's what we're offering:


  • Purée of Pumpkin Soup with Austrian Pumpkin Seed Oil and Chili
  • Brussels Sprouts, Grilled with Pancetta, Fried Capers, and Toasted nuts
  • Straight Up Mashed Potatoes with a Touch of Roasted Garlic and Horseradish
  • Glazed Winter Root Vegetables with Hard Cider and Herbs
  • Cranberry Compote with Meyer Lemon Zest (available only by pint)


Sign up by November 19, 5 pm to reserve yours! Pay upon signing up. (If you forget to sign up by the 19th, you can try your luck and swing by on T-Giving to see what we have available.)


Holiday Gift Baskets!


As October comes to a close and the holiday season creeps up, the team here at Dépanneur is very excited to announce three gourmet gift baskets perfect for the holidays! We’ve got a delicious basket of prepared, gourmet goodies for every taste. There’s the all-Brooklyn made SPICY basket ($55), with spicy bacon caramel corn, spicy pickles, green tomato chutney, and more; the all NYC-made SWEET basket ($95), with Mast Brother’s chocolate, peppermint taffy, hibiscus soda, and other sweet nibbles; and last, but not least, the SAVORY basket ($125), stuffed with olive oil, cheddar crackers, BBQ sauce, Frankie’s cookbook, and other salty treats! A spicy foodie gift basket from Brooklyn

Gift baskets will be available at Dépanneur, at 242 Wythe, Brooklyn, NY, all holiday season. We can ship these goodie baskets anywhere! Let us know if you’d like more information.

sweet brooklyn foodie gift basket

A brooklyn-made foodie gift basket


Preserved Meyer Lemon and Smoked Ricotta Crostini


We just got two new awesome products in from some crafty makers in the neighborhood; Smoked Ricotta from Salvatore Bklyn and Preserved Meyer Lemons from Sweet Deliverance NYC. Putting these two tasty little treats together, along with some other ingredients which you can find in our shop, on top of some crispy baguette rounds makes a super simple yet completely impressive appetizer that will make your guests question how the hell they got such an extremely talented and creative culinary friend. You don't have to tell them it's because of us though, you can keep that to yourself. How to make preserved meyer lemon and smoked ricotta crostini





1. Smear 1 tbsp of smoked ricotta onto each piece of toast. Top with a few slices of shaved red onion and preserved meyer lemon. Sprinkle with sea salt and crack some peppercorns on top. Finish with a drizzle of olive oil and serve.


Love from Nona Brooklyn


Check out the article on Nona Brooklyn


What’s Good Today? The Pastrami Sandwich at Depanneur

By Peter Hobbs - Oct 01, 2011


Today we stop by Williamsburg’s sandwich and provisions shop Depanneur, in search of something good to eat. Managing partner Nichelina Mavros, whose innocent obsession with cheese led to a career in food, suggests a sandwich. A pastrami sandwich, to be exact, made with honey-brined, coriander-crusted smoked brisket from Brooklyn Cured, sweet and salty butter from Roberta’s, house-pickled shallots, and the pop-in-your-mouth caviar stylings of whole grain mustard from Tin Mustard…


At Depanneur, Nichelina Mavros suggests a sandwich. A pastrami sandwich.


OK Nichelina, what do we have today?


Well our sandwiches are pretty popular. We have a really nice selection of regional and European cheeses, and meats and breads, and all kinds of local goodies, really, so it seemed to make sense to take some of these great things we carry and use them to make sandwiches. [laughter.] So I think a sandwich would be a good place to start.


One of our special sandwiches features pastrami from Brooklyn Cured. We really love this pastrami. Scott Bridi grew up in Brooklyn and started Brooklyn Cured a few years ago after running Gramercy Tavern’s charcuterie program. He was a chef too, so he knows a lot about meat and a lot about flavors. He only works with local, pastured meats, and he makes all kinds of great things.


He makes the pastrami with this wonderfully fatty brisket. He brines it for days in honey and spices, then crusts it with coriander, peppercorns and mustard and smokes it. It is delicious. So flavorful, so good.


For the sandwich, we slice the brisket nice and thin, and serve it on a Pullman rye from Balthazar with sweet and salty butter from Roberta’s, some Tin Mustard, and pickled shallots. The Pullman rye is really kind of spectacularly soft and delicate. The butter from Roberta’s is amazing, of course – pretty much everything they do is. The Tin Mustard is another Brooklyn-made product. It’s a whole grain mustard – they don’t grind the seeds, so they kind of pop in your mouth like caviar when you eat it. And we pickle the shallots here.


The sandwich features honey-brined, coriander-crusted smoked brisket pastrami from Brooklyn Cured, sweet-and-salty butter from Roberta's, and whole grain mustard from Tin Mustard. Nichelina suggests pairing its creamy, smoky, pickly, meaty goodness with Belvoir's herbal, floral, sparkling elderflower soda.


So the rye bread and the butter and are both soft and creamy with hints of sweetness. The pastrami is really tender, and has that rich, smoky, meaty flavor combined with the sweetness of the honey brine and the spice of the coriander , mustard and peppercorn crust. The Tin Mustard carries the sweetness note too, along with that sharp tang and spice and that texture that kind of pops, and it works really nicely with the pickled shallot to cut the creamy, melt-in-your mouth fattiness of the butter and pastrami.


Some sandwiches are better when you heat them a bit – it can really bring out the flavors. Or if you toast the bread, to add some texture. We don’t heat this one or toast the bread or anything, because all the flavors and textures are so wonderful as they are that they don’t need any help. It’s a really great sandwich.


What would you pair it with?


Hmmm. You know what would go really beautifully with it? The Belvoir elderflower soda. It’s from England, actually. It’s made with freshly-picked elderflowers, a little lemon juice, and sparkling water from their local spring. That’s it. I love it. Its light, herbal and floral flavors and the bubbles would all counter and complement everything going on in the sandwich quite nicely, I think.



So Nichelina, how did you end up here?


I was born in New York, but I grew up mainly in Texas, where we ended up because of my dad’s work. I’ve been back here in the city for ten or eleven years, and I’ve been working in the food industry for most of that time.


It started with cheese. Cheese is kind of my passion. When I was in college, I found myself reading all these books about cheese rather than reading the books I was supposed to be reading. [laughter.] Right after college I worked the counter at Bedford Cheese, and then I was at Murray’s, working in wholesale for a while.


I thought I might like to cook, so I interned in the kitchen at Five Leaves in Greenpoint. I learned so much. It was really great. I love them there. But I realized that I really like working directly with customers. I like being in the front of the house.


So a few years ago a few friends and I decided to open this place. We opened just over two years ago. I’m the managing partner, so I get to do all the fun stuff, like picking the products and that sort of thing. But it also means I get to do the not fun stuff too, like the books. [laughter.]


Dépanneur in NYMag


Check out Danielle Walsh's super-flattering review of the shop for New York Magazine!!! "Murray’s Cheese alum Nichelina Mavros opened this locally minded gourmet shop with a European-style corner store in mind—the title is Quebec’s word for bodega. The sparkling yet rustic shop is filled with European packaged goods like spaetzle and curry ketchup as well as locally sourced comestibles like Satur Farms produce and chocolate bars from neighboring Mast Brothers. Although there are unique items like Elderflower soda and jalapeño mustard, the store also stocks standard grocery items like cereal, beer, and olive oil. The café pumps out tasty sandwiches and coveted Intelligentsia coffee, but the real star of the shop is the carefully curated cheese counter containing about twenty artisanal cheeses, some of which, like the cloth-bound cheddar made in Prince Edward Island, Avonlea, aren’t found anywhere else in New York City. An added bonus—Mavros lets customers sample anything in the store (even the packaged goods!) so you can know exactly what that $16 block of cheese tastes like before you buy it."

Read the full review here >>


Cauliflower & Red Peppers from Upstate NY


If you've been sad that summer produce is waning, do not despair. First of all, it's APPLE season, the best season of all, and we're selling some delicious, sweet, and ubercrispy Honeycrisp apples (which recently appeared in a Dep special grilled cheese with havarti and bacon). Second of all, we've just gotten in some beautiful shipments of cauliflower and red peppers from upstate New York! And now that it's fall--and officially safe to turn up the oven without perishing of heat exhaustion--these veggies are perfect for roasting. (...or steaming, or pickling, or sautéeing, etc. etc.)

Here's a quick and easy recipe for Garlic-y Roasted Cauliflower and Red Pepper. This is a great dish eaten as an accompaniment to roasted meats, or even served cold as a salad. You can double or triple the recipe and mix the leftovers in pasta. We're also not opposed to puréeing all of it with some extra virgin olive oil for a delicious and nutritious dip!


  • One head of cauliflower
  • One medium red bell pepper
  • 4 cloves of garlic (or more, or less)
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Sea salt, black pepper
  • Parmesan Cheese



  1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Chop the cauliflower head into small, bite-size florets. Chop the red bell pepper into thin slivers. Chop the garlic real fine. Mix all the veggies together with olive oil, until everything is all good and coated. Season liberally with salt and pepper (and any other tasty spices you have lying around). Spread on a baking sheet.
  2. Bake for 20-25 minutes, until the cauliflower is slightly golden and crispy on the outside. Take out of the oven and toss the whole shabang with Parmesan cheese. Let everything cool before you start eating so you don't burn your mouth.



OMG! A new sandwich!


Did you hear that? Did you hear that? We're going to be serving an all-new all-Brooklyn sandwich! This simple yet completely delicious sammie will be featuring Brooklyn Cured Pastrami, Roberta's sweet and salty butter, and Tin Mustard's whole grain mustard. The bread you ask? Well, that will be served on Balthazar's rye loaf and will be un-toasted so that you can taste all of that rye goodness. Come try one today! Or tomorrow. Or the next day.


Big Picture Farms Goat Milk Caramels


Big Picture Farms Goat milk caramels  

Goat milk caramels, say what?! These tasty little treats are made in Vermont at Big Picture Farms by Louisa Conrad and Lucas Farrell.  Both of these goat experts apprenticed at various VT farms, working with cheese and other small-batch goaty products, before starting their own farm in 2010. The flavors of these award winning earthy and sweet nuggets of caramel either come in sea salt and pure bourbon vanilla or chai spice. They're so good that we can just picture you gobbling them up just like a hungry lil goat in a clover field. We're selling them by piece or in little cardboard boxes that are decorated with cute goat drawings and great typography. You got'sta come get some!