Dépanneur in NYMag


Check out Danielle Walsh's super-flattering review of the shop for New York Magazine!!! "Murray’s Cheese alum Nichelina Mavros opened this locally minded gourmet shop with a European-style corner store in mind—the title is Quebec’s word for bodega. The sparkling yet rustic shop is filled with European packaged goods like spaetzle and curry ketchup as well as locally sourced comestibles like Satur Farms produce and chocolate bars from neighboring Mast Brothers. Although there are unique items like Elderflower soda and jalapeño mustard, the store also stocks standard grocery items like cereal, beer, and olive oil. The café pumps out tasty sandwiches and coveted Intelligentsia coffee, but the real star of the shop is the carefully curated cheese counter containing about twenty artisanal cheeses, some of which, like the cloth-bound cheddar made in Prince Edward Island, Avonlea, aren’t found anywhere else in New York City. An added bonus—Mavros lets customers sample anything in the store (even the packaged goods!) so you can know exactly what that $16 block of cheese tastes like before you buy it."

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