New Year's Aphrodisiac Cheese Platter


Now that Christmas is over, it's time to get ready for New Years Eve! And what better way to bring in 2012 than with an amazing, totally impressive aphrodisiac cheese platter! We recommend showcasing a nice wheel of Brillat-Savarin, which is a soft, spreadable, pasteurized cows milk cheese that boasts a fat content of over 75%. This triple cream brie pairs perfectly with a nice glass of bubbly and begs to be eaten with a fresh juicy strawberries and sweet, dried apricots. Serve with a sleeve of our favorite crispy fig or fragrant rosemary crackers from The Fine Cheese Co., a jar of lavender spiced asparagus from Brooklyn Brine, a handful of largueta Spanish almonds, and of course, some sweet honey. Add a nice chunk of Buche de lacey and a wedge of gruyere to this platter, and you'll be sure to have one hell of a night!