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Early Bird Granola


Early Bird Granola

This sweet and salty granola, that was once available only at the Brooklyn Flea, is now flying off of our shelves and into your homes faster than we could have imagined. Unlike other commercially made granolas, Early bird is baked with organic ingredients (when available) and crisped up using extra virgin olive oil, instead of less flavorful oils like palm or canola which is typical to store-bought brands. The granola is then studded with dried fruits and crispy nuts and then finished with a healthy sprinkling of salt, which makes for a brilliant flavor profile. Early Bird Granola is truly unlike anything you've tried before.

At Dep, you can find the Farmhand's Choice, which has dried organic coconut, southern pecans, and maple syrup, and the Jubilee Recipe, which has sour dried cherries and pistachios, or the Crack of Dawn Bar which is a sweet and salty granola bar - all of which are flavored with olive oil and sea salt for a sweet and savory balance. You can eat it however you'd like but we can guarantee that it will most likely be by the handful.