Dép Party!


As the leaves turn crisp and the air, crisper, there’s no better to commemorate the changing of the seasons than with good friends, tasty drinks, and, most vitally, lots and lots of delicious snacks. This Friday, between 8 to 10, join us at Depanneur for some serious snacking—with such gourmet tastes as Mast Brothers chocolate, Sour Puss pickles, Salty Road taffy, Food Matters Again cheese (including new ones we’ll be offering soon), and Jeni’s ice cream! We encourage customers, friends of customers, even animals of customers to stop by our in-store get together; this is going to be a prime opportunity to sample some new and classic Dep offerings, as well as learn about the kickass people behind them. That’s right, the event will educational as well as delicious! Glenn from Food Matters Again is going to conduct some informal classes on cheese and charcuterie, Ali from Brooklyn Oenology is bringing organic Long Island wine, and word on the street is that Gabe the Fish Babe (of fish club fame) will be making an appearance. So put on your party dress (or party overalls, whatever, we don’t care) and come share some tasty nibbles with us. Come for the full two hours, or just pop in to say hi and eat a taffy. We want to see your beautiful faces!


Frankies Olive Oil


"The warm Sicilian sun, the rich volcanic soil, and the steady saline breeze from the Mediterranean come together to make this extra virgin olive oil one of the best in Italy every year." If that's not olive oil poetry, we don't know what is. Frankies DOP certified olive oil tastes just as smooth as that last sentence rolls off the tongue. The trees from their vineyards are between 300-400 years old and because they own almost all of the acreage in their own DOP, Frankies has complete control over the regions production, which ensures that you get the highest quality olive oil possible.

When this olive oil is served at room temp, the flavors are bright, fruity, clean and crisp tasting but when it's heated the entire flavor profile changes to release a butter-like oil that could even fool Paula Deen. We like to infuse Frankies with thai chiles (check for the recipe on Wednesday!). It's a perfect topping to drizzle over pizza or mild Thai dishes that need an extra kick. Or if you'd like to use it for something more refreshing, drizzle it over fresh watermelon and finish with flakes of sea salt. Or just pour it in your mouth. We won't judge.


Gift Cards!

There's no need to stress about Christmas shopping anymore! We've got gift cards available in any monetary increment you can imagine - as long as you have the funds to back it, of course. And with cows in little celebratory hats printed on the gift cards themselves, what's not to love? We're sure that this gift will make any foodie or neighborhood local righteously happy and will fill the bellies of your loved ones for months to come. You remember how much they love the #4 sandwich, right? I mean who doesn't? Well this is the way to give them a gift that keeps on giving.


Recipe: The Pickleback


For our first Friday Get-Fucked-Up Special, we’re making Picklebacks. This one’s easy. All you need is a jar of Mcclure’s Pickles and a Bottle of your favorite whiskey. And if you’re a badass, do it right and use the Spicy Spears. The acidity from the pickle brine totally kills the burn from the whiskey and it tastes good, too! This is totally not a homeless person thing, I swear.

The Pickleback



1.5 oz of McClure’s Pickle Juice (or Brine)

1.5 oz of Whiskey


Pour each ingredient into a shot glass. Slam the whiskey and chase it with the pickle juice. Repeat.