Creminelli Fine Meats Barolo & Tartufo Salami


Creminelli Fine Meats Barolo & Tartufo Salami Attention fine ladies and gentlemen of Brooklyn, we've just started carrying some of the most unique and downright ass-kicking American-made salamis. The Salame al Barolo, a Good Food Award winner, features the robust flavors of this complex red wine from Piedmont. As for the Salame al Tartufo, which has been a finalist for two national food awards, is spiked with black summer truffles that enhance the flavorful pork and spice blend with an earthy depth that is unreal. Both of these savory salamis are made using straight natural casings which are hand tied and then slowly cured according to the Creminelli family tradition. Additionally, all of Creminelli's meats are made using natural and organic ingredients that are antibiotic free, humanely raised, and locally sourced when available.

Here's what the Creminelli family has to say about their tasty salty meats:

"Creminelli Handcrafted Italian Salami makes an ideal appetizer, snack or special ingredient on pizza or in a salad. We call them “tasting salami” because no matter how you use them, with cheese and crackers, to accompany fresh fruit, on a pizza, or on their own, they are meant to be singled-out and savored for their unique flavors and pleasant texture."

You can also [click here] to see their mouthwatering recipes OR just come into the shop and we'll fix ya up something nice, because you know much we care about you and what you're eating!

Photo via Creminelli.com