Single Origin Coffee and Brew Equipment

New single origin coffees and brewing equipment have arrived at Depanneur. We are featuring three single origins from Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters: Kenya Karinga; with tropical fruit flavors and a honey sweetness to round out the cup, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe; a classic coffee with a crisp mouthfeel and notes of pomegranate and lemon, and organic Mexico La Perla de Oaxaca; warm and full with notes of nut and spice. These coffees are fresh and in season now. The Hario ceramic coffee dripper is available, packaged with some filters to help you start featuring these unique coffees at home by the cup. For tea drinkers we are carrying porcelain Gaiwans, a versatile cup used for both brewing and drinking loose leaf teas. Invented in the Ming dynasty and used in traditional tea ceremonies, Gaiwans are perfect for oolongs that can stand multiple infusions as well as more delicate white and green teas.


Coffee Update


Keep an eye out for an expanded offering of home brewing equipment and beans in our coffee department at Depanneur. We will be working with our long-term coffee roasters, Intelligentsia, to provide the equipment you need to brew high quality pour-over coffees yourself at home. Stop in to talk to Kymberly, our lead barista, about setting up your kitchen for your morning cup. We will also be working on expanding our whole bean offering to include seasonal single origin coffees for you to take home and test out on your new equipment.


Dépanneur New Goodies!


We've added new items! From seasonal flavors of your favorite Mast Brothers Chocolate (black truffle-hell ya), to Zukali Salsa, to Gluten Free Gourmand flours and mixes from Portland, OR and Boat Street Provençal inspired pickles from Seattle. Don't miss a shop favorite S'more Bakery- s'more's made in NYC. Just pop 'em in the oven if you're not around a camp fire, build a tent in your living room and you're set.


Valentine's Treats for your Sweet


valentines day carly planker  

Whether you're a serious monogamous lover or more of the booty call type player, we've got plenty of awesome V-day treats for your significant others, your friends with benefits, and your soul mate. We're even doing something super special this Valentine's day with Mast Brothers Chocolate. They generously donated a bunch of their amazing chocolate to our Valentine's Day charity event. We'll be making and selling goat cheese chocolate truffles and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Sandy Relief Funds. For two days only, the 13th and 14th, you can come in and buy our altruistic V-day treats. Not only do they taste good and make an awesome present, but buying them is like killing two birds with one stone. It's like, double giving in a way.


mast brothers chocolate and goat cheese truffles


We've also got a bunch of other treats from Butter + Love, The Good Batch, and Biscotti. Come in and check out our treats, we know we've got something for everyone!




Drinking Vinegar Dreams


If last week's Yuzu and Coconut Chicken Soup post wasn't enough and you're still feeling like shit, then you need to take the next step and get yourself some drinking vinegar. We've currently got two super awesome brands that will help you get through the FLU season, relatively unscathed.  

Fire Cider and Pok pok's Drinking vinegar are perfect for colds


Pok Pok Som - Made in Portland with organic cane sugar and natural vinegars, this tonic has been used at Andy Ricker's super amazing Pok Pok restaurants since 2005. And although they don't claim that their drinking vinegar has any actual known health benefits, these kinds of solutions have been used as a cure-all since the colonial times. We've got plenty of Tamarind and Apple on hand in the shop, but as of now, we don't sell any online.


Fire Cider: This completely raw and organic medicinal tonic is made up of apple cider vinegar, raw wildflower honey, oranges, lemons, onions, ginger, horseradish, garlic, turmeric and habanero peppers. As you can imagine, this tonic packs quite a punch and it will totally knock whatever cold you have right out of your system. Take a shot straight up, mix in salad dressings, or add to hot toddies for an extra homeopathic beat down. The Flu won't have shit on you once you're breathing that fire.


Buy some [here] and keep the homeopathic dream alive.


Creating the Perfect Cheese Plate


how to make a cheese plate, cheese plate, brooklyn cheeseDepending on what kind of cheese plate you want your guests to gobble up, follow the next few leads to create a display that shows variety, thoughtfulness, and how fucking smart you are.  

HOW MUCH THOUGH?! Good thing you asked - there's nothing worse than ending a party early because you ran out of cheese or having to throw away giant chunks of landaff while tears stream down your face as you say goodbye to that hacked lifeless wedge. This is always seems to be the big question when you're putting together these boards of goodness. So to be safe, 1-2 ounces per person is recommended but you should also take having other food options into consideration. Like is this a dessert cheese plate or something to prime their ravenous appetites? Or is it the only food you're having while you pour drinks down your girlfriends throats? This way, you can bet that the latter will result in having a little more cheese than necessary and that the former will probably be less than. Another vital thing to be aware of is that it's important to pull the cheese out of the fridge an hour ahead of your guest's planned arrival. Why? Well, cheese gets even more flavorful when it's not cold and the hour will let the cheese get to room temp so that it's absolutely perfect for you guests.




Picking the Right Cheeses

Texture: Don't be a dummy, make sure your cheese plate has a variety of textures. Not only will it be easier to remember the different types of cheese this way, but it will also make you seem super adventurous and smart. Terms to remember: aged, soft, firm, blue, bloomy, washed rind, and hard.

Location: Locavores rejoice! Make a cheese map by picking out quesos from your region OR switch it up and pick cheeses from different states. You could even focus on one local farm and learn a little bit about the company. How smart!

Milk Varieties: This is a fun one. Cow, sheep, goat, and water buffalo cheese are all easily found at most supermarkets - I think I even saw Walmart carrying a manchego the last time I was there. Oh! And If you're friends with Novak Djokovic, than maybe you can even ask him to bring some donkey cheese - which he apparently bought the entire world's supply. Anyways, by switching up the milk sources, you're guaranteed to have a selection of cheeses that are completely distinct from each other.



Booze: Ya gotta have liquids if you want to throw a fun cheese party; unless someone went to rehab and if that's the case, get them some awesome cordials like these from Belvoir. Ok so anyway, I could get into a detailed web of booze and cheese pairings but that would last forever and I'm sure you would get bored reading it. So let me introduce you to Wisconsin Cheese's Cheese Cupid. It's the perfect pairing website and there's even an app so you can pair on the run!

Condiments: People love sauce. It's a fact. Make sure to lay out a mustard or two, some honey, local preserves, zesty chutneys, and sweet, sweet jams to make a colorful and tasty array of condiments for your plate.

Vessels: We're talking crackers, sliced bread, and pieces of meat - basically anything that you can stack a piece of cheese on to make it taste better from when it leaves the cutting board to when it hits your drooling mouth. Like most things, variety proves to be the spice of life here. Try thin fruit specked crackers like the ones by Jan's Farmhouse Crisps with soft cheeses like brie or camembert. For heartier pieces of aged gouda or cheddar, serve on a slice of cured meat such as salami or wrap 'em in a piece of proscuitto. With milder cheeses, try thick and flavorful crackers like Castleton's cheddar crackers.

Fruits and Nuts: It's always important to have some sort of fresh fruit on your cheese plate. We all know what too much cheese can do to you, so it is extra nice when you can nibble on a grape or down a strawberry in the middle of your cheese bender. It not only tastes great with cheese, but it also tricks you into thinking that you're dong something healthy. For some extra excitement, I always add some dried apricots, figs, largueta almonds, and candied nuts.




Brooklyn Slate: These sleek yet rugged looking slabs of slate are perfect for serving cheese. With their unique soapstone chalk, you can write right on the slate to help you remember the details of each cheese.

Cheese flags: By cutting out a tiny piece of paper and wrapping each side around a tooth pick, you can easily create cute little tabs for each cheese. You'll probably want to ask one of your friends with good hand writing to do the deed here.

Styling & Layout: Start by putting your condiments (preserves, honey, mustards) in the middle of your platter. Use mismatched ramekins and sauce dishes to create an eclectic look that matches the uniqueness of your creation. Around the tiny bowls, space the cheese equally apart and arrange them in a clockwise pattern so that they go mild to strong. Make sure to give each piece of cheese its own knife or some sort of cutting utensil. Then surround everything with fresh fruit, crackers, nuts, dried fruit, and meat. And if you want to get extra fancy with it, you can purposely place the specific accompaniments next to the paired cheese.


Dép Visits Ovenly


The pastry counter at Ovenly in Greenpoint Started by Agatha Kulaga and Erin Patinkin, Ovenly has gone from being a wholesale bakery hotspot to a retail coffee shop and pastry kingdom. Their mission? Creating the perfect sweet, salty, and spicy treat for hungry Brooklyn babes.


A closeup of the pastry case at Ovenly in BrooklynHere at Dep, you can find their venerated bar snacks.



Spicy Bacon Caramel Corn - Benton's bacon meets organic popcorn meets Brooklyn Brewery Pennant Ale caramel. Holy shit. You've never had popcorn as good as this.Honey


Honey Almond Corn - Organic popcorn coated in a sweet local wildflower honey caramel and studded with roasted almonds.


Maple Thyme Pecans - Cayenne, black pepper, thyme, and local maple syrup are boiled into a sweet, salty, and mildly spicy syrup that coats roasted pecans.


Old Salties -  Peanuts tossed in bacon fat and then doused in Worcestershire sauce and old bay seasoning. A serious ball park favorite like you've never had.


Ovenly's bar snacks - honey almond corn, old salties, spicy bacon caramel corn

And with unique items like blue cheese and walnut scones and award-winning salty chocolate chip cookie, the chicks at Ovenly prove that they know how to combine uncommon ingredients to make some of the best sweet and savory pastries in the hood.


A blue cheese and walnut scone from Ovenly in Greenpoint, BrooklynTo see even more pictures of our ovenly trip, check out our album on [FACEBOOK].


Mast Brothers Chocolate


Mast Brothers Chocolate made in Brooklyn Since most of us are too old to go door-to-door trick-or-treating this Halloween, or at least have neglected the idea in hopes that your neighbors don't question your sanity more than they already do, it's time admit that you've got to treat yourself to some nice chocolate.

Mast Brothers isn't just nice though, that's an understatement - it's absolutely fantastic and completely unique. With their shop and test kitchen right down the street, these two brothers have crafted a dark, bold, and bitter type of chocolate that comes in a variety of flavors. With savory blends like Dominican dark chocolate speckled with olive oil roasted almonds and sea salt, or sweeter compositions that lay caramelized pecans amongst cacao and deep mountain Vermont maple syrup, Mast Brothers is sure to have something that pleases even the most refined palates. Their concoctions will most definitely make you forget about that monster-sized Butterfinger that once made you the happiest kid on the block.


Bourbon Barrel Foods


Bourbon barrel foods

That's right y'all, we've got a new line of bourbon-laced products for you guys to get drunk creative with. From Kentuckyaki, a bourbon based teriyaki sauce that's out of this world, to a sweet sorghum vinaigrette, that's perfect when drizzled over wild baby arugula and toasted walnuts - it's true to say that Bourbon Barrel Foods makes some pretty awesome boozey condiments. There's also bourbon smoked peppercorns that bring a depth of flavor to grilled meats or roasted veggies and a mint julep sugar that adds a sweet caramel and mint finish to cocktails or desserts. In addition to the wonderful boozey concoctions, all these products are sourced directly from Kentucky so that Bourbon Barrel Foods can stick to their three word motto "slow, small, and simple". Come get you some!


Finger Lakes Farms, That's What's Up

Finger Lakes Farms Have you seen all that pretty new produce that's stocking our front fridge? These beautiful orange bulbs of citrus, dark red orbs of sweet nectar, and bright leafy greens come straight from Finger Lake Farms, in Ithica New York. Although Finger Lakes Farm has only been around for two years, the farmers that started this local company have decades of experience and strive to grow the best food while using the safest, most earth-friendly methods. Come try some out for yourself - we'll be getting new stuff in all week!


Big Picture Farms Goat Milk Caramels


Big Picture Farms Goat milk caramels  

Goat milk caramels, say what?! These tasty little treats are made in Vermont at Big Picture Farms by Louisa Conrad and Lucas Farrell.  Both of these goat experts apprenticed at various VT farms, working with cheese and other small-batch goaty products, before starting their own farm in 2010. The flavors of these award winning earthy and sweet nuggets of caramel either come in sea salt and pure bourbon vanilla or chai spice. They're so good that we can just picture you gobbling them up just like a hungry lil goat in a clover field. We're selling them by piece or in little cardboard boxes that are decorated with cute goat drawings and great typography. You got'sta come get some!


Martelli Pasta


Martelli Pasta from Lari For some of us, spending more than just a weekend with our family seems a little overwhelming. Not for the Martelli family though. Nope, these kin-loving folk are the only ones that work in their middle-of-nowhere factory in Lari, a teeny tiny Tuscan town filled with olive trees and beautiful, sprawling grassy valleys. And when we found this bright, eye-catching package of yellow pasta, we had no idea how bad ass this family actually was. The Martelli's spend no money on advertising and the the factory that they've been occupying for almost 100 years prevents a certain trendy store from manufacturing in their quaint little town. Pretty rad, huh? We think so, and what's even better is how awesome their pasta is.

By using old school techniques, this pasta, which comes in four classic shapes, has a super-porous finish that is absolutely perfect for soaking up sauce while still maintaining a nice al dente bite. Not only do they use the finest hard durum wheat flour but they actually grow it on their own property. And unlike mass produced pasta, which is dried in a giant heated air blaster, the Martelli's dry their pasta for fifty hours using a low temperature that allows the pasta to retain a beautiful flavor and a perfect texture. We recommend tossing the cooked pasta with olive oil and freshly grated Parmigiano for a simple and quick meal that is surprisingly opulent.



Whimsy & Spice and The Good Batch Cookies


Whimsy and spice and the good batch cookies All in favor of satisfying their sweet tooth, say aye!

We now carry a bunch of super delectable and completely original cookies that come from the 'hood - so you can enjoy these treats any time of the week and not just at the Flea on the weekend. Both The Good Batch and Whimsy & Spice are the bomb at making some dope-ass cookies because, unlike most store bought cookies, these little goodies are made in small batches and only use the best of the best stuff around.

And even if you don't like sweets that much, some of these cookies come in savory flavors like salty brown butter or the slightly sweet massaman curry and peanut butter. Shovel a spoonful of salty caramel ice cream between any of them for a sweet summertime treat that's downright devilish and only slightly addicting.



Sweet Deliverance NYC


sweet deliverance NYC  

Oh me oh meyer lemons! These little lemon and mandarin orange hybrids are in full bloom in the Spring but can last year round when preserved. So thank goodness for Sweet Deliverance NYC for canning these little bulbs of sour sunshine so we can enjoy them even in the depressing Winter months. The preserved wedges are excellent when sliced super thin, and laid over crostini, smoked ricotta, and shaved red onion. You can even bake them and the remaining juices right into a pound cake for a buttery-citrus loaf that everyone will fuss over. Use the syrup for mixing up exotic cocktails or as a main ingredient in vinaigrette. You can also chug it -no judgement passed - or use it as a chaser after a florally shot of gin... if you're into that sort of thing.


Anarchy in a Jar


Anarchy in a jar buy Two and a half years ago, Leana McCarthy started Anarchy in a Jar as a way to  stick it to the man create delicious, locally sourced and handcrafted jams, jellies, and marmalade. By using eccentric and aggressive flavor combinations, Anarchy in a Jar doesn't take no shit from nobody. Not even sugar; which is typically an overused product in commercially bought preservatives. Yuck. Who wants a mouthful of artificial gook when the real stuff from upstate tastes so much better?

Take the Arnold Palmer jelly for example. This jiggly little thing infuses lemonade and tea to create a bright, zingy spread that's perfect over buttered cornbread and other good stuff - as you can imagine. At the shop, we're known to smear the grapefruit and smoked sea salt marmalade over toast with a little bit of fresh ricotta cheese. Oh yes, it's good. It's really fucking good. The perfect balance of tartness and sweetness. Oh mama.

This jam is our jam, yo!


Mazi's Piri Piri Sauce


  Mazi's Piri Piri Sauce

This authentic Portuguese hot sauce, made by Bon Jovi's former manager in Asbury Park, packs quite the kick. We've got a dirty down addiction for it. It's what we need. Shake it up like... like bad medicine? Sorry, we just had to say it. But really, it's damn good. Use it as a marinade for chicken wings or douse it on eggs for a straight-up spicy zing.


Kings County Jerky


Kings County Jerky Beef Jerky. Yes, beef jerky. These chewy, flavorful strips of dried meat are hard to resist - especially when you discover what the good people at Kings County Jerky are making. Unlike other commercially processed dried beef, Kings County uses only the finest local meats and thoughtful packaging for their brand. The cows that they source are raised on a farm upstate, and they're also brought up in a stress-free environment that prides itself by being an antibiotic-free and hormone-free farm. At processing, each tender nugget of beef is hand-cut to ensure the finest quality is in each bite. The flavorful marinades that they use are also prepared by hand to grantee that each little morsel is rich, zesty, and perfect. No mass production here. No sir.

This protein packed snack comes in unique flavors like Korean BBQ, Sichuan Ginger, and Kings County Classic and we're sure you'll dig 'em, too.


Early Bird Granola


Early Bird Granola

This sweet and salty granola, that was once available only at the Brooklyn Flea, is now flying off of our shelves and into your homes faster than we could have imagined. Unlike other commercially made granolas, Early bird is baked with organic ingredients (when available) and crisped up using extra virgin olive oil, instead of less flavorful oils like palm or canola which is typical to store-bought brands. The granola is then studded with dried fruits and crispy nuts and then finished with a healthy sprinkling of salt, which makes for a brilliant flavor profile. Early Bird Granola is truly unlike anything you've tried before.

At Dep, you can find the Farmhand's Choice, which has dried organic coconut, southern pecans, and maple syrup, and the Jubilee Recipe, which has sour dried cherries and pistachios, or the Crack of Dawn Bar which is a sweet and salty granola bar - all of which are flavored with olive oil and sea salt for a sweet and savory balance. You can eat it however you'd like but we can guarantee that it will most likely be by the handful.


OroLiquido's Marcona Almond Butter


OroLiquido's Marcona Almond Butter Photo: MacKenzie Smith

We're sure that you've all tried almond butter at some point, but I can guarantee you that this is completely different than anything you've ever tried before. Brittle Spanish almonds, which are roasted in olive oil and sea salt, are ground down to create an unbelievably textured spread that is both sweet and salty at the same time. Unlike traditional almond butter which can be sort of chalky and dry, this creamy spread is truly liquid gold.

Fancy up a regular old peanut butter and jelly by pairing OroLiquido's Almond Butter with some of our fancy preserves like our insane balsamic strawberry jam. Or add into cookie dough for an unusual twist on a classic favorite. Or, do as we do and eat it by the spoonful.