anarchy in a jar


Anarchy in a Jar


Anarchy in a jar buy Two and a half years ago, Leana McCarthy started Anarchy in a Jar as a way to  stick it to the man create delicious, locally sourced and handcrafted jams, jellies, and marmalade. By using eccentric and aggressive flavor combinations, Anarchy in a Jar doesn't take no shit from nobody. Not even sugar; which is typically an overused product in commercially bought preservatives. Yuck. Who wants a mouthful of artificial gook when the real stuff from upstate tastes so much better?

Take the Arnold Palmer jelly for example. This jiggly little thing infuses lemonade and tea to create a bright, zingy spread that's perfect over buttered cornbread and other good stuff - as you can imagine. At the shop, we're known to smear the grapefruit and smoked sea salt marmalade over toast with a little bit of fresh ricotta cheese. Oh yes, it's good. It's really fucking good. The perfect balance of tartness and sweetness. Oh mama.

This jam is our jam, yo!