Whimsy & Spice and The Good Batch Cookies


Whimsy and spice and the good batch cookies All in favor of satisfying their sweet tooth, say aye!

We now carry a bunch of super delectable and completely original cookies that come from the 'hood - so you can enjoy these treats any time of the week and not just at the Flea on the weekend. Both The Good Batch and Whimsy & Spice are the bomb at making some dope-ass cookies because, unlike most store bought cookies, these little goodies are made in small batches and only use the best of the best stuff around.

And even if you don't like sweets that much, some of these cookies come in savory flavors like salty brown butter or the slightly sweet massaman curry and peanut butter. Shovel a spoonful of salty caramel ice cream between any of them for a sweet summertime treat that's downright devilish and only slightly addicting.