Mast Brothers Chocolate


Mast Brothers Chocolate made in Brooklyn Since most of us are too old to go door-to-door trick-or-treating this Halloween, or at least have neglected the idea in hopes that your neighbors don't question your sanity more than they already do, it's time admit that you've got to treat yourself to some nice chocolate.

Mast Brothers isn't just nice though, that's an understatement - it's absolutely fantastic and completely unique. With their shop and test kitchen right down the street, these two brothers have crafted a dark, bold, and bitter type of chocolate that comes in a variety of flavors. With savory blends like Dominican dark chocolate speckled with olive oil roasted almonds and sea salt, or sweeter compositions that lay caramelized pecans amongst cacao and deep mountain Vermont maple syrup, Mast Brothers is sure to have something that pleases even the most refined palates. Their concoctions will most definitely make you forget about that monster-sized Butterfinger that once made you the happiest kid on the block.


Christmas Special: A Sweet Brooklyn Gift Basket


Here's our second gift basket which is absolutely perfect for any of your loved ones that have an insatiable sweet tooth and a special place in their heart for the neighborhood. With Spatzi's granola, Spoonable caramel, and our favorite salted almond chocolate that's made right down the street at Mast Brothers, this Christmas special is sweet in more ways than one. We can put these sugary goodies in a variety of styled gift baskets; from rustic wood to industrial wire - whichever you'd like. If you're interested to know more about the products, pricing, and/or other holiday gift baskets, stop by the shop or call us at 347-227-8424.