Dép Visits Ovenly


The pastry counter at Ovenly in Greenpoint Started by Agatha Kulaga and Erin Patinkin, Ovenly has gone from being a wholesale bakery hotspot to a retail coffee shop and pastry kingdom. Their mission? Creating the perfect sweet, salty, and spicy treat for hungry Brooklyn babes.


A closeup of the pastry case at Ovenly in BrooklynHere at Dep, you can find their venerated bar snacks.



Spicy Bacon Caramel Corn - Benton's bacon meets organic popcorn meets Brooklyn Brewery Pennant Ale caramel. Holy shit. You've never had popcorn as good as this.Honey


Honey Almond Corn - Organic popcorn coated in a sweet local wildflower honey caramel and studded with roasted almonds.


Maple Thyme Pecans - Cayenne, black pepper, thyme, and local maple syrup are boiled into a sweet, salty, and mildly spicy syrup that coats roasted pecans.


Old Salties -  Peanuts tossed in bacon fat and then doused in Worcestershire sauce and old bay seasoning. A serious ball park favorite like you've never had.


Ovenly's bar snacks - honey almond corn, old salties, spicy bacon caramel corn

And with unique items like blue cheese and walnut scones and award-winning salty chocolate chip cookie, the chicks at Ovenly prove that they know how to combine uncommon ingredients to make some of the best sweet and savory pastries in the hood.


A blue cheese and walnut scone from Ovenly in Greenpoint, BrooklynTo see even more pictures of our ovenly trip, check out our album on [FACEBOOK].