Kings County Jerky


Kings County Jerky Beef Jerky. Yes, beef jerky. These chewy, flavorful strips of dried meat are hard to resist - especially when you discover what the good people at Kings County Jerky are making. Unlike other commercially processed dried beef, Kings County uses only the finest local meats and thoughtful packaging for their brand. The cows that they source are raised on a farm upstate, and they're also brought up in a stress-free environment that prides itself by being an antibiotic-free and hormone-free farm. At processing, each tender nugget of beef is hand-cut to ensure the finest quality is in each bite. The flavorful marinades that they use are also prepared by hand to grantee that each little morsel is rich, zesty, and perfect. No mass production here. No sir.

This protein packed snack comes in unique flavors like Korean BBQ, Sichuan Ginger, and Kings County Classic and we're sure you'll dig 'em, too.