Belvoir Cordials


Belvoir Cordials Back in the olden days, before genetically modified fruits and veggies overtook the market, people didn't have the luxury of eating fresh produce all winter long. Instead they preserved their harvest so they could enjoy the fresh flavors of summer during the coldest months of the year. And luckily for us, Belvoir Fruit Farms is still using those traditional techniques to bring us these aromatic concentrates that are completely natural and delightfully flavored with elderberry flowers. These fragrant fruit and flower cordials are excellent when splashed into a glass of sparkling water or when mixed with gin or vodka.

InStyle Magazine also wrote about our line of botanic cordials in this month's issue and listed our phone number, but oddly enough, they made no mention of The Dep itself. So if you're looking for Belvoir Cordials, be sure to stop by or give us a shout so you can try one of our favorite products.