Black Elderflower & Basil Smash


A snow storm on Halloween? Really? With fall's appearance about as quick as LiLo's first jail stint, Winter sure did cometh, and it cometh quicker than we can handle. So now that our puffy coats are coming out of hiding to help keep our insides all nice and warm, it's time to down some drinks that do the same. This lip puckering cocktail - made with our favorite black elderberry syrup by Darbo ($12), Argumi's Lemon Italian Soda ($4), vodka, and some freshly julienned basil - will make you one happy (and warm!) camper.

Black Elderflower & Basil Smash

How to make a black elderflower and basil smash using syrup and vodka


1.5 oz vodka
3 oz Argumi Lemon Italian Soda
1 splash of  Darbo's Black Elderflower syrup
1 medium sized basil leaf, julliened


Combine all ingredients, reserving a few strands of basil, over ice, shake vigorously. Top with remaining basil.