Dép Party!


As the leaves turn crisp and the air, crisper, there’s no better to commemorate the changing of the seasons than with good friends, tasty drinks, and, most vitally, lots and lots of delicious snacks. This Friday, between 8 to 10, join us at Depanneur for some serious snacking—with such gourmet tastes as Mast Brothers chocolate, Sour Puss pickles, Salty Road taffy, Food Matters Again cheese (including new ones we’ll be offering soon), and Jeni’s ice cream! We encourage customers, friends of customers, even animals of customers to stop by our in-store get together; this is going to be a prime opportunity to sample some new and classic Dep offerings, as well as learn about the kickass people behind them. That’s right, the event will educational as well as delicious! Glenn from Food Matters Again is going to conduct some informal classes on cheese and charcuterie, Ali from Brooklyn Oenology is bringing organic Long Island wine, and word on the street is that Gabe the Fish Babe (of fish club fame) will be making an appearance. So put on your party dress (or party overalls, whatever, we don’t care) and come share some tasty nibbles with us. Come for the full two hours, or just pop in to say hi and eat a taffy. We want to see your beautiful faces!


Bee Raw Honey Varietals


Bee Raw Honey Varietals From California to Maine, Bee Raw Honey has worked with artisanal bee keepers to bring you some of the finest untainted and completely raw honey since 1999. Because their honey is sourced from individual apiaries, each bottle of Bee Raw Honey has a unique color, flavor, and taste. You might think that the labels on the top of each jar are the flavors, but in reality, it's the plant that the bees were pollinating near. So instead of raspberry flavored honey, you get honey from bees that were living near raspberry plants. This slight hint of flavor makes each varietal completely unique and absolutely delicious. Use them for cooking or as a remedy for sore throats or allergies.

There are infinate ways to use Bee Raw Honey but here are some of our favorite ways to use the varietals. Simply sweeten a cup of camomile on a cold night with their Sweet Yellow Clover Varietal ,or drizzle their Wild Black Sage Varietal over some baked fromage de meaux en croûte with toasted almonds for a sweet and savory treat.